Quitting Dip
Quitting Dip
I control my life, and I choose not to dip.
Think dip is safer than smoking? Think again. Dip has up to 30 cancer-causing chemicals. And that's not all.
Knowing your reasons to quit can help. There are many reasons to inspire you to stop using dip for good.
Dealing with cravings can be one of the hardest parts of quitting dip. Have a plan to beat that urge to dip.
Different people have different triggers—things that make you want to dip. Knowing your triggers can help you quit.
Nicotine withdrawal is different for everyone who uses dip. You can do things to help manage your symptoms.
Life can be stressful. Having stress or bad moods can make it harder to quit dip. Learn ways to feel less stressed.
It takes determination to quit dip. Find ways to help you stay tobacco-free for the long run.
Feeling down? After quitting, you might be irritable, restless, or feeling depressed. Get tips to lift your mood.